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From The Managing Partner

from the managing partner

managing partnerHave you ever wondered why some organizations, like some people, just seem to roll along smoothly while others seem to be locked in a constant cycle of dysfunction and turmoil? We think it has everything to do with an organization’s mission, culture, and value system, as reflected in its ability to recruit, develop and retain leadership.

If one simply views the recruiting process from a general perspective, then it becomes all too easy to end up with a rather simplistic view of the pitfalls and landmines that can sabotage a successful search. Our 25+ years’ tenure as search consultants has provided us with ample opportunity to gain experience on how to fully maximize an assignment as opposed to just completing one.

From initial candidate contact to final acceptance and resignation counseling, we take each and every step very seriously. We are not pessimists who believe in Murphy’s Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong;" it’s just that we, like our clients, dislike surprises. Over the years we have learned how to secure the proverbial runaway train, rather than happening upon the wreck.

The wisdom to be able to detect when something is amiss, often long before it leaves us blindsided, is easily translated into true human resource value. We hope to enhance your understanding and effectiveness on how to deal with a variety of situations that all of us encounter in the real world of finding and keeping great team members.

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Dan Deffet, Founder and CEO

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