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search process

the search processBefore we undertake an assignment, we develop a working knowledge of the client’s industry, including its markets, competition and current environment. We acquire an understanding of the client organization and the position to be filled. This includes the evaluation of a client’s financial goals, physical assets, corporate culture, and future objectives.

It is important for us to obtain a full understanding of historical, as well as projected influences within a client organization and within a specific position. We evaluate previous requirements of comparable positions in order to understand what types of candidates have been considered internally as well as externally. Understanding why the position is available is also important not only in defining the role but also in discussing it with candidates. For example, whether a position is newly created, or a replacement due to resignation, termination, etc. affects the research and presentation of the opportunity.

10-Step Retained Search Process

1. Initial Consultation
2. Drafting and Approval of Position Specification
3. Development of Search Strategy and Research
4. Consultation With Industry Sources
5. Interviewing of Prospective Candidates by DGI
6. Presentation of Candidates to Client
7. Interviewing of Candidates by Client
8. Reference Checking
9. Negotiation and Closing
10. Follow-up
transparenta) Resignation Counseling
transparentb) Onboarding

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