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From The Managing Partner

why choose us

Customized Search Process

why choose usLike people, no two executive searches are the same. We recognize that each of our clients is unique, with varying levels of expertise and need for assistance. Therefore, at Deffet Group, our first step is to carefully assess how we can best support your organization in the search process. Whether your needs include executive search consulting, assistance with interim management for a special project or while a key staff member is out on leave, or assistance with your new executive’s onboarding process, our focus is steadfast: we are dedicated to listening first, and then tailoring our time-tested expertise to match your vision for your unique situation. With this commitment to your individuality in mind, we design each project to specifically address the realities and requirements of your organization. This effort, in turn, enables us to quickly identify the highest quality executive candidates possessing the specific skills, management style, and understanding of the culture your organization seeks.


We maintain our high level of integrity and credibility by staying focused on our core expertise—partnering exclusively with health and human services providers. Our philosophy includes the understanding that an organization’s mission, culture, and value system is reflected in its ability to identify and retain outstanding leadership. With over 23 years’ experience, we have also cultivated deep insight into the unique needs inherent to not-for-profit aging services organizations. We also recognize that issues may arise along the way that can present challenges in the search, and we are firmly committed to maintaining your confidentiality and trust in all interactions on your behalf—professionalism in our conduct and representation of your organization is a cornerstone of our own value system. When we represent you, we make it our top priority to represent your organization in a way that generates goodwill on your behalf. Because maintaining these attributes are a vital part of our mission, we make it our central concern to recruit only the candidates best suited to represent your organization with the degree of professionalism and expertise necessary to maintain your core values.


We value diversity, and are committed to advancing diversity in all forms—diverse candidate slates and partnering with multi-cultural organizations. Because we recognize the positive effect diversity can have on developing a collaborative, dynamic environment, we consistently seek out ways to enhance our process for successful recruitment in this area.

Personal Attention

Throughout each step of the process, our commitment is to provide you with the personal attention you deserve in order to see your vision become a reality. We take the time to fully understand both your organization and the unique challenges you face. Your success is our success, and the individualized attention you receive from project inception to completion involves a partnership approach to reaching your goals.

Sharp Focus

We are specialists in executive search, focusing exclusively on identifying outstanding leadership solutions for health and human services providers. Working primarily with not-for-profit aging services providers on both a corporate and facility level, frequent clients include continuing care retirement communities, senior housing and senior living communities, skilled nursing health care centers, and other providers of eldercare services. We devote our undivided attention to these demanding and rapidly changing industries, and have a deep understanding of a mission-based culture. We offer an outstanding level of expertise in these areas that other firms simply cannot match. Our 23+ years of experience further enables us to provide you with a superior level of counsel and support throughout the entire executive search process, as well as the broad network critical for even the most demanding executive searches in health and human services.

Candidate Outreach/Methodology

We strive to outperform our competition with more in-depth research and a higher level of market saturation and penetration on both the local and national level. Our passionate commitment to a rigorous and exhaustive search process translates to more thorough outreach efforts than a standard recruiting firm may provide. This is in part due to our comprehensive, multi-faceted, and time-tested approach that includes a customized database and state of the art executive search software program that we maintain on a continuous basis. Even more importantly, we ascribe to the “no stone unturned” philosophy—perseverance and thoroughness are two of our hallmark qualities—and we are able to saturate a market in a way that surfaces those candidates not on other firms’ radar screens. Often, we have discovered that the best candidates for your leadership position are those who are not actively looking.

Commitment to Results/Client Satisfaction

At Deffet Group, one of our core qualities is perseverance. We remain committed to maximizing an opportunity on behalf of a client. Our skill level and commitment to an aggressive pursuit of your vision for leadership pays off in client satisfaction: our long history of re-engaging with past clients and high level of client-based referrals is a testament to our success in achieving results. Our long track record of over 90% successful placement rate includes working with a wide variety of health and human services providers nationwide. Whether our client is a sole proprietorship or a billion dollar corporation, we devote our attention to your executive search needs fully and confidentially.

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