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Time tested. Client-approved. Your search is custom-designed for your unique organization: your culture, your mission, your challenges, your opportunities. The demanding market of today requires no less in bringing you tomorrow’s outstanding leadership.

Over 30 Years of Successful Searches


We have witnessed firsthand the dramatic impact that a carefully selected leader can have on an organization. Our outstanding track record with clients—90% are repeat customers—is a testament to both our understanding of the complex challenges inherent in identifying mission-driven executives who can advance the strategic direction of your organization, and to our determination to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

We leverage our experience and advanced recruitment technology to generate original research for each and every search. Drawing on our extensive industry contacts, state-of-the-art database, and rigorous market research, we bring you the highest caliber candidates, most of whom are not accessible through conventional techniques. In short, our hallmark is our determination and perseverance in conducting the most exhaustive outreach, specifically tailored to your leadership needs.


Typical searches include:
President & Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Mission Advancement
Chief Operating Officer Vice President, Marketing & Sales
Chief Financial Officer Vice President, Clinical Services Executive
Chief, Clinical Operations Executive Director
Senior Vice President, Operations Regional Marketing Director
Vice President, Operations Administrator
Vice President, Human Resources Administrator, Home Health
Vice President, Corporate Continuing Care Vice President, Project Development
Vice President, Senior Services Vice President, Diversity Equity & Inclusion

We’ve Completed Successful Searches in 36 States Nationwide

We know that there is a big difference between filling a vacancy and fulfilling a mission. We also know there are no shortcuts to understanding the complex challenges you face today—from diversifying revenue streams to addressing shifts in consumer demands—you require leadership attuned to your organization’s unique situation. Our reputation as a firm with a history of repeat successes evolves from the depth of this understanding and our exceptional desire to establish the perfect match for your needs. Whether it is a corporate, regional or facility position, we consistently bring those individuals who have the ability and leadership you require.


“Deffet Group provided stellar service throughout our search for a President/CEO. Their knowledge and understanding of the senior living space, and of the people within that space, were invaluable to us. They consistently demonstrated their overarching goal was to assist us in finding the best possible candidate – which they did. They were generous with their time, wisdom, and counsel. Their integrity shines through everything they do. They enabled our Search Committee to do its work more efficiently and more effectively than we could have done on our own. They led us through the search process in a genuine and facilitative way – never pushy and always helpful. They were a critical part of, and a respected voice in, meetings and conversations. They also are wonderfully enjoyable people. The value they provide is outstanding. I recommend them without reservation.”

Chuck Burpee, Search Chair
Clark Retirement Community, Grand Rapids, MI


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