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Our succession planning services extend beyond the C-suite, providing clients with a clearer view of their talent at all levels. With the wave of C-Level retirements about to hit the senior living industry, succession planning early means more and improved options and an increased chance at leveraging the value in all you've built. Contact us to learn about how to build a more sustainable succession planning process that deepens your internal talent pipeline.


A Complete View of the Talent Pipeline

Few events carry greater risk to stakeholder value than a change of leadership. We offer a robust succession management approach that deepens the talent pipeline for the top level and other key roles. We begin with our proven talent review process, which provides you with a more complete view of the internal and external pipeline. Second, we help you understand how your organization’s succession planning is—or is not—producing the leaders you need. To close the gap, we then help clarify, enhance, design, and build a more sustainable process.


“Most recently, the Board of Bay Village made what they considered the most important decision of our tenure: selecting a successor to the retiring leader of our organization who has served for the past 20 successful years. Deffet Group provided excellent business like and professional assistance throughout this process. With their hands-on guidance we are confident that we have made the best choice for the continued success of Bay Village and the people we serve."

Thomas Combs, Vice-Chairman
Bay Village of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL


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