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We have made the uncompromising commitment to partner with values-based, mission driven health and human services organizations because we believe in the transformative power of the work you do. Today, as you grapple with new challenges and obstacles in an ever changing market, our 30+ years’ experience in attracting proactive, experienced leaders with shared values is more important than ever. We connect with your organization’s vision, assess your leadership needs, and utilize our national presence and high-touch, boutique style of personalized services to provide the springboard to your ongoing success and future viability.


Aging Services

Partnering with aging services organizations is our firm’s core focus, and we take great pride in our successful heritage of building lasting relationships throughout the country. Providers face increased scrutiny on outcomes/demonstrated impact, changing stakeholder needs/expectations, and diversifying revenue streams—while serving the best interests of their communities. Our expertise regarding the unique skillset required for effective leadership remains unmatched by other firms. Whether your organization is a single site Life Plan Community or a large, nationally prominent multi-site provider, we excel at bringing you leaders with the business acumen, passion, and determination to ensure your vision becomes reality.


Human Services

Our human services clients are changemakers, determined to create a better world by providing resources to children and families, or offering emergency assistance such as food, housing, and residential care to those who are oppressed, forgotten, and hurting. As executive search consultants to organizations providing these vital services, we occupy a unique vantage point within the social sector to identify trends, opportunities, challenges, and solutions, and we translate this knowledge into providing the leadership your organization needs to envision and enact your best possible future.

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